Custom eCommerce Solutions

IEP is my development company based out of Seattle Washington which has specialized in e-commerce development since 1998. Whether you are looking for an e-commerce solution to sell a few products, or one for 100,000+ I have a solution to fit your needs.

If you are interested in having me design, create, modify, market, manage, or update an e-commerce solution for you then contact me for a free quote on a system to fit your needs.

Shopping Carts

Our HTML based front end allows you the flexability to design your product pages how ever you want. All of the products are manually maintained so this is the best solution for someone with just a few products.
The CGI Cart is a step up in that all of the products are stored in a text file and then the products are displayed using a template and the data read from the text database file. Ideal for someone with a few hundred products and no access to MySQL on their server.
Our SQL Cart will be the best solution for most people. The product informtion is stored in a true SQL database, and templates are used to display the product pages. This makes managing a large database of products much easier.

Most all of the cart modules and plugins are also completely intergangable. This means that as your company grows the shopping cart can grow with you. This allows you to start off with a simple cart and a few modules, and then upgrade to the more advanced features as your business grows into them.

Programming Clients


Custom Realestate Script


SQL cart with many added features.

Maximum Velocity

Basic HTML Cart

Another HTML Cart