About E-commerce

E-commerce is hard, e-commerce is easy, e-commerce is hard! (My Story)

That is the roller coaster that I went through while learning about e-commerce in the very beginning. At first not knowing anything about it you think it must be really hard to do. But once you learn a little bit about it you realize that it is really not that difficult and just about anyone can do it. Then once you do it and start doing more research you find that there are tons of other features that come into play in order to do it properly and successfully.

When I first took an interest in e-commerce I started by downloading a free shopping cart and playing around with it. I would play with the code and was constantly breaking the cart, so I would just reinstall the software from scratch and start over. After I while I got pretty good at it and so I started selling my services setting up eCommerce sites for clients. What I did not count on is that lots of my clients wanted changes made to the cart that were outside of my narrow abilities. So I tried to hire programmers to make the changes for me and found that they were all too busy or unreliable. So in the end my business collapsed with a  lot of unhappy customers.

Now the reason I tell you this is because there are lots of people out there now doing the exact same thing I was doing back in 1998. They think that just because they can get a free shopping cart off of the Internet and install it that they are able to offer eCommerce packages to their customers. When in fact all they are able to do is install a free cart for you, and they can only offer you what ever features this free cart already offers. What they can't do for you is tell you about all of the other possibilities that will make your site more successful. So keep this in mind when choosing a professional to do your eCommerce site for you.

After my personal experience with eCommerce those many years ago I chose to learn Perl, which is the programming language that all of the good carts were written in, so that I would not have to rely on any outside help. Already being a programmer in several other languages it was not much work to learn Perl and start creating my own code.

So just to recap, the basic idea of selling on the web in general sounds like a pretty easy thing to do once you know the basics. Just put up a shopping cart and add your products and start making money. But the truth is that if you don't do it properly you will more then likely just spend a lot of money on your site and not have any sales to show for it. So please contact me regarding your needs and let me set you on the path to success.