Custom Shopping Cart Quote!

First we need to know a little about your business. There are several basel shopping carts that we can start with so we need to know which one will fit your company best. Then once that is determined we will calculate the programming costs to add in any of the additional features that you require.

#1) How many products will you be selling?

The primary method of choosing the proper cart is the number of items yo u will be selling, but these carts also come with a different default set of features so that also has to be taken into account.

#2)  How would you like to calculate shipping?

The second most common modification to a cart is shipping. If you are not using direct connect to one of the big three then shipping cart vary widely to pretty much anything you can imagine.

Direct connect to UPS, USPS, FedEx
Price based on total price
Percent based on total price
Price based on total weight
Percent based on total weight
Free shipping options

#3) What sort of products will you be selling?

There are certain products or services that you could be selling that require special features. An obvious one is t-shirts that require size options, or maybe you sell custimized product where the customer can upload there own image for a product. Maybe a one of a kind product that requires inventory.

#4) Do you require any advanced features?

Affiliate Program
Customer Accounts
Downloadable Products
Inventory Control
Minimum Order (amounts or quantity)
Multi State Sales Tax
Phone Orders
Product Refinements
Product Reviews
Quantity Pricing
RMA System
Sub Categories
T ax Exempt Products
Web Based Support System

#5) How will you be processing Credit Card payments?

Manually throuh your own credit card machine, typed in online, or phoned in.
Automated through an online gateway? and if using an online gateway which one?
Do you require multiple payment methods? PayPal, Google Check out, and Credit Card?

#6) Do you want the shopping cart to be the entire site, or an addition to an existing site?

#7) Shopping cart only or shopping cart and web design?

#8) Stand alone solution or Hosted solution?

#9) Web site marketing.

#10) If you already have a site what is the URL?

#11) If you have an idea of your budget then please let me know?

This is important because I have done everything from a basic $99.00 install of a free shopping cart, to $50,000.00+ fully custom eCommerce shopping carts. So I need to have some idea of what you are looking to spend. Also this way if you have a $500.00 budget but are asking for a $5000.00 site I can tell you right up front so we don't waist each others time. But also if you have a $1000.00 budget and what you want is only $500.00 I will present the $500.00 site but also present other additional services that could help you be more successful.

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