HTML Shopping Cart:

Our HTML shopping carts allows you the most control over the design of your html pages. It includes an admin script that you use to input the product details, and it then produces the HTML code for a 'Buy Button' and quantity box that you then add to your own html page. When items are added to the cart there is another CGI script that then manages the clients shopping carts, and the check out process.


  • Perl, ability to run CGI script on your server.
  • SSL, either your own or a shared secure certificate.
  • Sendmail, to send out email confirmations.
  • Designed for Linux or equivalent systems.


  • Customizable email confirmation to customer
  • Admin email confirmation
  • Shipping is calculated based on the amount that you assign to each product, but there is a section in the code to allow for custom Perl code to be written for custom shipping calculations. Pretty much anything is possible, but it may require paying for custom programming to have it produce.
  • Sales tax, just enter your state and rate and it will automatically add sale tax on purchases from people within your state.
  • Dynamically created shopping cart pages use a template file so you can easily match the design of the pages to match your site.
  • Comes with a web based script for pulling up orders that have been placed.