SQL Shopping Cart:

Our PRO shopping cart does it all. Includes customer accounts, with support for multiple shipping addresses. Uses a MySQL database for storage of information so you can support hundreds of thousands of products.

This cart is LOADED with features, and it is specifically designed to be expandable with even more features as they are needed. This cart is designed primarly to run your entire site as oposed to being an add-on to an existing site. Also many of the features can be resource intensive because of all the SQL queries that are executed. This is important because if you are on a shared server there is the possibility that if your site is busy your web host could end up shutting you down for using up too much of your server resources. So far this has never happened because the sites running this cart are either on a semi dedicated server, or only have a small amount of traffic.


  • Perl, ability to run CGI script on your server.
  • SSL, preferably your own secure certificate to take advantage of all the features.
  • Sendmail, to send out email confirmations.
  • Designed for Linux or equivalent systems.
  • MySQL & DBI
  • .htaccess support, including mod_rewrite suport recommended
  • Apache suEXEC with script running under your UID. Allows a higher level of security.
  • Some additial Perl modules required for certain add-on's
    • LWP::UserAgent
    • LWP::Simple
    • Net::FTP
    • IO::Socket
    • Net::SSLeay
    • XML::Simple
    • Image::Magick or GD


  • Full customer accounts, with order history, and ability to update account information.
  • Set up and storage of multiple ship to addresses per customer
  • Built in product search
  • Product option support for any sort of option such as size, color, including multiple options on a single product.
  • Web based order, product manager with a large range of add-on features.
  • Customer has option of storing credit card info, and if selected data is encrypted in MySQL database.
  • Makes extensive use of templates to aid in updating the design of the store.